Mission Statement:
Bank of Industry and Mine is a specialist development bank in the field of industry and mining. The bank continues to play an effective and particular role in Iran’s sustainable development, with the aim of: improving industrial value added and productivity, increasing employment, and balanced allocation of financial resources based on regional competitive advantages and economic infrastructures improvement. These improvements have been achieved through professional facilitation of financial, banking and consultancy services to major national infrastructure projects, large enterprises and SMEs, with the private sector as the priority. In this regard, BIM interacts effectively with the authorities of the national economic development policy, and substantiates its value creation by relying on human resource capacities, national and international communication networks, and the creation of suitable conditions for financing.
The values that BIM is committed to are: maintaining effective and efficient allocation of resources; simplifying and accelerating services; and protecting the environment in parallel with its social responsibility.
Effective and professional facilitation in providing financial, banking and consulting services in order to finance major infrastructural projects and SMEs, with a private sector priority supporting sustainable development.
To be a pioneer provider of agile and effective financial and consultancy services to the export based, and environment friendly manufacturing activities and infrastructures aligned with the priorities of resistive economy and sustainable development.

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