Achieving professional and operational excellence in development banking through:
  1. Consolidation of corporate banking solution
  2. Expansion of international interactions
  3. Establishment of investment consulting services
  4. Enhancement of the role in economic policy making
The Bank’s Major Goals:
  1. Increasing the bank’s share of infrastructure projects finance
  2. Efficient and effective resource allocation
  3. Increasing the share of industrial projects finance
  4. Improving the bank's role, place and interactions among the economy development players
  5. Excellency in industrial investment consultancy
  6. Widening the bank's international interactions network
  7. Increasing value created for corporations
  8. Improving the ability of recognizing and introducing investment opportunities
  9. Reinforcing risk management
  10. Improving transparency and compliance with international banking standards
  11. Improving innovation in products, services and financial tools aligned with corporate banking
  12. Improving the key processes-appraisal, supervision, allocation and collection
  13. Promoting the level of technical banking skills of employees
  14. Promoting the level of employees soft skills
  15. Succession planning and knowledge-sharing
  16. Adopting the modern tools of information technology
  17. Improving employee cooperation and responsibility
  18. Decreasing organizational concentration and increasing agility

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