"Bank of Industry and Mine"

 as a development bank is the most important organization which endeavors for helping economic growth through development of industries and mines. Its purpose is to be an economic enterprise for applying banking procedures and capabilities, developing and investing in order to
advance Iran’s economic situation and to prepare suitable grounds for cooperation and participation of private sector by use of all potential facilities such as: organizations, processes and appropriate devices in the field of industries, mines, modern technologies and their associated services

Activity Profile

The Bank’s Articles of Association (Article 5) summarizes its activities as follows:
- Assessment, appraisal and subsequent supervision of industrial and mining projects and related services;
- Encouragement of investment by real and legal entities in the establishment, expansion, renovation and upgrading of industrial and mining operations;
- Provision of financial support to projects and production units through granting financial facilities, investments and other forms of contribution;
- Contribution to the establishment of technical, legal and other service providers for the Iranian Industrial and Mining sectors;
- Introduction of new and effective financial services to internationalize and professionalize the Iranian banking industry;
- Establishment of new branches to provide clients with high quality services; participate in money and capital markets as well as improve the Bank’s market position;
- Mobilization of financial facilities in Rials and foreign currencies from domestic and international financial markets;
- Mobilization of credit deposits for deposit collection;
- Management of funds, issuance of letters of credit and letters of guarantee for industrial and mining projects.



No. 2917, After Chamran Junction, Valiasr Ave. Tehran, Iran 
P.O. Box: 15875-4456
Tel : +98 21 22029811-19
Fax : +98 21 22029854 
Email : info@bim.ir

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