We express gratitude to God Almighty that we have always had an active and significant presence along with entrepreneurs, manufacturers and miners of our country with His assistance and taking advantage of the efforts of educated managers and diligent experts and specialists of Bank of Industry and Mine.

 The family of Bank of Industry and Mine has always been committed to agile and effective provision of desirable and high-quality services, and achieving maximum satisfaction of customers and stakeholders is considered as a high priority in the bank’s planning and vision, and the bank strives to fulfill its mission as the only specialized development bank in the industry and mining sector of the country and to contribute to the  economic growth and development of the country and to take effective steps for the realization of smart economy by the horizon of 1404 through allocating optimal resources for knowledge-based, technological, export-oriented and employment-generating projects within the framework of the policies of the 13th government.

Today, after nearly half a century of professional activity of this bank, relying on the eternal power of God, we have succeeded in countless and important projects in the fields of power plants, steel, oil and gas, petrochemicals and chemical industries, automotive industry, innovative industries, food industries, water transfer and water desalination, construction, textile, mining industries, etc. and we believe that by employing human resources, God-given resources and the huge capital of this country, we can achieve more success in the construction and prosperity of our dear homeland; in addition, thanks to the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we hope to align progress and development with other measures in order to have a strong Iran in the support of the 13th government.


      Ali Khorsandian

         Managing Director

    Bank of Industry and Mine

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